Since 1997, EDUCATION DESIGN, INC has provided educational consulting services to K-12 schools, post-secondary and adult education institutions, arts organizations, and technology design firms. We conduct formative program evaluations, learning audits, and advise on organizational change. We work locally, nationally, and internationally with schools and districts, companies, foundations, and consortiums and networks.

We bring a unique focus and experience to arts education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related programs.

Our design, implementation, program evaluation, and organizational change services help funded projects meet critical milestones and benchmarks.


With a range of new projects, eDez moves into the fall season with conference presentations... We will be presenting at AEA in Denver (Oct. 15-18) in different sessions on STEM learning and Systems Thinking, and at the Massachusetts STEM Summit (Oct. 22 in Worcester).

New Project Highlights: ... including Model My Watersheds, investigating watersheds using GIS technologies (Concord Consortium, Stroud Water Research Center), GRACE, GIS/T Resources and Applications for Career Education across Michigan(EMU), and Argumentation Mathematical Skills, developing middle-school mathematical argumentation skills with Washington, DC schools (SRI).