Education Design

EDUCATION DESIGN is a Boston-based educational consulting firm providing program evaluation services for K12 and post-secondary schools and colleges, as well as school districts, arts organizations, learning organizations and foundations. We focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and arts education.

In a conversation with Professor Eric Klopfer of MIT in an online course about education technology, founder Reider discusses his ideas about educational evaluation:

Our STEM projects include how the inclusion of innovative classroom learning technologies help students and teachers learn, while Arts Education projects focus on arts-integrated learning strategies to insure equity for all types of learners.

We explore and refine methods to sustain innovations that help move schools forward and place our findings along the continuum of educational reform.

Our approach to program evaluation comprises four key elements:

  1. program design (delivery, content, core team leadership)
  2. teaching and learning outcomes
  3. school or district capacity (ability to respond and grow with change)
  4. sustainability, the extent the intervention will grow and continue changing beyond grant support

In addition to evaluation design, data collection, analysis and reporting of findings, we play acritical friendsrole, bringing in an independent lens to help negotiate perspectives from all parties on a regular basis.

Our associates come from a variety of backgrounds including private technology companies, academia, arts organizations, the classroom, and foundations.